How to embed Instagram posts, photos, or videos?

Embedding Instagram data into another website or App is prevalent today for obvious reasons, such as better synergy between social and official online presence, better content management, more visibility, etc.   

In this write-up, we will try to clarify and answer your questions about embedding Instagram content such as posts, photos, and videos into your website or App. Let's begin;


Do you require anyone's permission to embed their Instagram post or photo?

Before discussing how to embed Instagram content, you must understand what content you can embed. Is it right to embed content available publicly, or does it requires any permission, and from whom?

Every Instagram user has the option to let others 'embed' their content or not on Instagram. 

Any publicly available content can also be prevented from the use by other people by restricting sharing/embedding of that content. If a user doesn't disable that feature, it might be assumed that they have given their agreement to third-party embedding. Instagram has mentioned the potential of giving users more control over embedding. 

However, as of right now, this option is available to a select few people. Therefore, setting your photos and posts to private is the only way for users, in general, to stop them from being embedded.

But does it means that all publicly available content is free to use? Well, there's undoubtedly some moral obligation and legal aspect involved here. 

Check this article to learn and understand more about the legal aspect of sharing Instagram content.

How do I embed my Instagram post on my website?

You can easily and quickly embed an Instagram post into your website by getting the embed code of the Instagram post. This embedded code will only be unique to your post and in HTML form. By adding this embedded code into the rest of the website's HTML code, the Instagram post will display along with the other website's contents.

Since embedded code is a prerequisite, you first need to generate the code for the specific post you want to embed. Thankfully, embedded code can be easily generated on Instagram as well as here on this website, at

You can follow the below guide to embed your Instagram post in HTML using both methods.

Method 1 - Embedding Instagram posts in HTML, using Instagram-

  1. Open Instagram App or Instagram web and login into your account.
  2. Shortlist the post which you want to embed. You can also use the Instagram 'Search' option to locate the post or the Instagram profile.
  3. Once on the post, find the icon with three dots (...) on the top right corner of the post and click/tap on it to open a new menu.
  4. Look for the 'Embed' option among the various options in the menu and click/tap on it.
  5. Instagram will take a few seconds and generate a code. Click/tap on the 'Copy Embed Code' button in blue, and the embed code will be copied.
  6. Now head to the HTML code of your website and paste this code. Upon publishing, the Instagram post will appear on the website.

Repeat the above method to generate code for all the Instagram posts you want to embed and paste the code into your website in the correct order/location to integrate Instagram posts.

Now let us see the other method wherein you can generate code using this website.

Method 2 - Embedding Instagram post in HTML, using Embed code generator-

  1. Open Instagram and login into your Instagram account. 
  2. Go to the Instagram post which you want to embed. You can use Instagram's search tool if you are looking for a specific post.
  3. Open the Instagram post by clicking on the three dots (...) and selecting the option 'Go to post.' You can also open the post by clicking on the description between the display icon and the actual post. 
  4. Once the post opens, copy the URL of the post from your web browser's address bar.
  5. Go to and enter the URL of the Instagram post.
  6. Click on the 'Generate code' button in blue to generate the embedded code*.

Once you have the embedded code, you can copy-paste the same into your HTML code. On publishing the HTML code, the embedded tweet will appear on the webpage, along with the rest of the webpage's contents.

 *Choose 'Copy Instagram Code' to copy the embedded code, which will be added to the webpage.

How do I embed an Instagram picture or video on my website?

It is easy to embed an Instagram picture or video on your website. All you will need is the embedded code of the picture or video you want to integrate into your website or App.

First, pick the picture or video by hashtag or any keyword search. Once you have the pictures/videos identified, generate the embedded code of that picture/video. 

The embedded code can be generated from Instagram by exploring the 'embed' feature available for most public content. Another easy-to-use and effective option is to use third-party tools, like the one on this website, wherein you simply have to enter the URL of the picture or video and generate the embed code. 

An essential point to consider is that you should curate the data feed according to the contents of your website. Designing the feed is vital for both user experience as well as to keeping relevancy into account.

Lastly, merge the embedded code with the code of your website or App.

How do I embed Instagram Reels on my website?

Instagram Reels can also be embedded on your website quickly, and the process flow is again very similar to embedding pictures and videos. 

Here's how you can embed Instagram reels on your website;

Using Instagram's embed tool:

Step 1: Open Instagram in your web browser or Instagram App and login into your account.

Step 2: Select the Instagram Reel you wish to embed. You can use Instagram's search tool to find a new Instagram Reel if you don't have one already.

Step 3: Once shortlisted, click on the three vertical dots (...) to open a submenu and select 'Embed' from the options displayed.

Step 4: Select 'Copy embed code' in the following menu option. 

You can now use this embedded code to display the Instagram Reels on your website by integrating the code into your website's code.

Another way to embed Instagram Reel is to copy the URL of the Instagram Reel and use the 'Embed Instagram Reels' tool on this website.

Once you have the embedded code, add the code to your website's or App's code, and that's it.

Can a link be embedded into an Instagram post?

Yes and No. Yes, you can add the link of any Instagram picture or video to a new or existing post. The difference is when creating a new post, a link can be added under the caption or description of the post, whereas in an existing post, the link can be added under the post's comments section.

If you want to embed the link and display it as embedded content in your post, then the answer is no, you cannot. Even if you try to add the embedded code, it will be displayed as mere text only and not as the desired output like an actual picture or video.


Since social media has become necessary to communicate with prospects online, syncing and displaying social media content on your website or App is becoming a must.  

Instagram provides you so many options today to connect and convey ideas and concepts, even products and services, with people online through the use of images and videos extensively. 

As such, one cannot remain alienated from platforms like Instagram if one aims to reach out and connect to more and more people online.

Creating your presence on platforms like Instagram and boosting your traditional online presence is essential for a business. 

Therefore, integrating Instagram content into your websites or Apps is vital to achieving this aim.